Who wants to escape the mundane 9-5?

“All Things Are Difficult Before They Are Easy” ~ Thomas Fuller

Dreams are not as easy as leaving your 9-5 job and following your ambitions. Your passion cannot pay you, right? And no one can become a billionaire overnight!

This is the main reason why some of entrepreneurs wish to continue their jobs with their new business. That is because they doubt their abilities to start and build a successful business and are looking for short-term benefits.

Most of us today live and work to win this “Rat Race.” People are working 12 to 15 hours a day, trying their best to compete with others in this race. Hard work impacts both their health and relationships. Here are some useful tips that have helped us along the way to leave the “Rat Race” –

Build your own vision:

First of all, you must define what a successful life is for you. What do you want to achieve in your lifespan? Once you are clear about it, start working on it with strong willpower and determination. – This really does help!

Always choose your destination by yourself, never let your parents and the society decide your fate. Work hard and never compromise on your rules (unless they serve you), take it a step further every day, and you will achieve your goal.

Amend your Rules (and keep the useful ones):

We work long hours every day to achieve what we want. We leave our house early in the morning, travel across the globe and return to our home late at night. But while doing all these things, we often fail to give our family, relatives, and friends the time they deserve, and this impacts our relations.

Working hard for a good lifestyle is not wrong, but you should never run after material possessions alone. A good leader and a successful person always know when to work and when to take a break and enjoy life.

It always takes time to grow a business:

Success never comes overnight. You need to follow your schedule on a daily basis and be patient. Never run after short-term plans, rather make effective long-term plans and continuously make improvements in them to reap the benefits.

Learn from your mistakes, meet the experts and act upon their advice to better your business. Be patient when the things are not going according to the plans. Get in touch with the people who have already achieved what you are working for. Use social media platforms and watch tutorials and you can even contact us.

Understand your strengths:

Discover your real strength and talent. Find a thing you can do really well. Work and refine them over time. Learning some relevant skills that make your talent more useful and valuable is also vital.

Combine your skills and talents in a perfect way to make them marketable. Then develop a certain product or service to capitalize on your strengths. This process requires dedication and patience, but if you stick with it, and are consistent you will definitely reach your goal.

We hope you find this post inspiring and will bookmark this page and come back and look at it whenever you feel the need just as we do

Kieren & Cherisse

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